What Is DSRM Password In Active Directory And How To Reset

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What is DSRM Password in Active Directory

DSRM (Directory Services Restore Mode) password created during the active directory Service installation and it do not require in normal day to day activity.
In case, when you require to repair, restore or perform maintenance activity on Active database (NTDS), you require to login into DSRM mode, which is the one of Windows Safe boot option.


Follow Below Process to Reset DSRM Password


Login on any Domain Controller with Domain Admin Credentials.

Go to Run, Type CMD and press Enter, In Command Prompt and Type

set dsrm password

Now you have two options,

1. If you want to reset DSRM password for Remote Server (XADC01) then Type

reset password on server XADC01

2. If you want to reset DSRM password for Local Server (on which you logged in)  then Type

reset password on server null

Type the New and Confirm new DSRM password and press Enter.

You will get message of password change "Password has been set successfully."

Now Type quit twice to get Exist from DSRM mode and ntdsutil mode.

See below Screenshot for example.




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