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In Information Technology, backup is process to copy or archive computer data which can be used to recover in case of original data loss. there are number of tools in market which are being used to backup data and write it on Tape device (LTO) or disk depends on requirement.

As per government rule any data center which keeps sensitive information or following IT Standards are suppose to enable backup in their IT infrastructure.

There are multiple methods to backup any file\folder but mostly used methods are Full, Differential and Incremental which are being used by any standard Backup Tool in market. Backup method has evolved over the years and there are many ways to keep the data safe as well as utilize less storage and network since increase of data in past 5 years is huge and to store them organizations need more storage which is increasing cost of backup as well.

keeping the data backup is costly business and there are now multiple vendors do provide cloud backups and other ways to keep backed up data safe with low cost and high availability.


Backup Methods:

  • A Full backup copies all selected files and marks each as have been backed up. With this backups, you need only the most recent copy of the backup file to restore all of the files.

  • An Incremental backup backs up only those files created or changed since the last full or incremental backup. It marks files as have been backed up. to recover data from incremental backups, you need the last full backup set as well as all the incremental backup sets to restore your data.

  • A Differential backup copies files created or changed since the last Full backup. It does not mark files as having been backed up. to recover data from Differential backup, you must have the Full Backup and latest differential backup sets to restore.

  • A Copy backup copies all selected files but does not mark each file as having been backed up. Copying is useful to back up files between normal and incremental backups, because it does not affect other backup operations. this method is mostly used when you do copy any file\folder and move on another system or in another drive like thumb or USB drive.



Backup Type

Archive Bit


 Full/Normal backup


 Backup the files that you selected, and marks it as backed up.

 Incremental backup


 Backup the files that changed since the last backup, and marks files as backed up.

 Differential backup

 Not Cleared

 Backup the files that changed since the last backup, but doesn’t mark files as backed up

 Copy backup

 Not Cleared

 Backup all Selected Data, but doesn’t mark the files as backed up



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