Windows Shortcuts To Open Applications, Services And Utilities

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          Windows shortcuts to open Application, Services and Utilities      


  Description   Command
  Active Dirctory Federation Services - ADFS   adfs.msc
  Active Directory Certificate Services - ADCS   certsrv.msc
  Active Directory Domains and Trust   domain.msc
  Active Directory Promotion/Demotion   dcpromo.exe
  Active Directory Rights Management Services - ADRMS   AdRmsAdmin.msc
  Active Directory Service Interfaces Editor - ADSI   adsiedit.msc
  Active Directory Sites and Services   dssite.msc
  Active Directory Users and Computers - ADUC   dsa.msc
  Active Directory Users and Computers with Selected Domain   dsa.msc /domain=DomainName
  Active Directory Users and Computers with Selected Server   dsa.msc /server=ServerName
  Add Hardware Wizard   hdwwiz.cpl
  Add remove programs   appwiz.cpl
  Adding a new Device   devicepairingwizard
  Address Book   wab.exe
  Administrative Tools   control admintools
  Administrative Tools control   admintools
  Adobe Designer   formdesigner
  Adobe Dreamweaver   dreamweaver
  Advanced User Accounts Management   netplwiz
  Authorization Manager   azman.msc
  automated security configuration tasks   secedit.exe
  Backup   ntbackup.exe
  Bluetooth Devices   bthprops.cpl
  Bluetooth Transfer Wizard   fsquirt
  Briefcase   syncapp.exe
  Calculator   calc
  CD player   cdplayer.exe
  Certificate Revocation List   verisignpub.crl
  Certificate Templates Console   certtmpl.msc
  Certificates Management snap-in   certmgr.msc
  Character Map   charmap
  Check Disk Utility   chkdsk
  ClearType Tuner   cttune
  Clipboard Viewer   clipbrd
  Cluster Admin   CluAdmin.msc
  Color Calibration   dccw.exe
  Color Management   colorcpl
  Command Line Interpreter for Java   wjview.exe
  Command Prompt   cmd
  Compare Files   comp
  Component Services   comexp.msc
  Component Services   dcomcnfg
  Computer Management   compmgmt.msc
  Computer Management Interface   compmgmtlauncher
  Connect to Network Project via Network   netproj
  Connection Manager Profile Installer   cmstp.exe
  Control Panel   control
  Credential Backup and Restore Wizard   credwiz
  Custom Folder Wizard   ieshwiz.exe
  Data Execution Prevention   systempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
  Database Utilities   esentutl.exe
  Date and Time Properties   timedate.cpl
  DDE Share   ddeshare.exe
  DDE Shares   ddeshare
  Debugger   debug.exe
  Device Manager   devmgmt.msc
  DFS Management   dfsmgmt.msc
  DHCP Console   dhcpmgmt.msc
  Digitizer Calibration Tool   tabcal
  Direct X Control Panel   directx.cpl
  DirectX Diagnostic Tool   dxdiag
  Disk Cleanup Utility   cleanmgr
  Disk Defragment   dfrg.msc
  Disk Defragmenter   dfrgui
  Disk Label Utility   label.exe
  Disk Management   diskmgmt.msc
  Disk Partition Manager   diskpart
  Display (Change font size of text onscreen)   dpiscaling
  Display (Scaling)   dpiscaling.exe
  Display Color Calibration   dccw
  Display Properties   control color
  Display Properties   control desktop
  Display Switching   displayswitch
  Distributed File System (DFS)   dfsgui.msc
  DNS Management Console   dnsmgmt.msc
  Domain Controller Security Policy   dcpol.msc
  Domain Security Policy   dompol.msc
  Domain User Manager   usrmgr.exe
  Dr. Watson   drwtsn.exe
  Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility   drwtsn32
  Driver Verifier Manager   verifier
  DVD player   dvdplay.exe
  Ease of Access Center   utilman
  Enterprise License   llsmgr.exe
  Event Viewer   eventvwr.exe
  Event Viewer console   eventvwr.msc
  Failover Cluster Manager   FailoverClusters.SnapInHelper.msc
  Fax Cover editor   faxcover.exe
  Fax Cover Page Editor   fxscover
  fax queue   faxqueue.exe
  Fax Service Management   faxserv.msc
  Fax Service Manager   fxsadmin.msc
  File Server Resource Manager   fsrm.msc
  File Signature Verification Tool   sigverif
  File Transfer Program   ftp.exe
  FindFast   findfast.cpl
  Firefox Browser   firefox
  Folder Sharing Management   fsmgmt.msc
  Folders Properties   control folders
  Font Viewer   fontview
  Fonts   control fonts
  Fonts control penal   fonts
  Free Cell Card Game   freecell
  FTP   ftp
  Gateway Services for Netware   nwc.cpl
  Group Policy Editor - Local   gpedit.msc
  Group Policy Management Console   gpmc.msc
  Group Policy Management Editor   gpme.msc
  Group Policy Starter Editor   gptedit.msc
  Hearts Card Game   mshearts
  help   ntbooks.exe
  help   winhlp.exe
  Help and Support   helpctr
  HyperTerminal   hypertrm
  Indexing Service   ciadv.msc
  Infrared Port properties   irprops.cpl
  Internet Authentication Service   ias.msc
  Internet Connection Wizard   icwconn.exe
  Internet Connection Wizard   icwconn1
  Internet Explorer   iexplore
  Internet Information Service   inetmgr
  Internet Information Services   iis.msc
  Internet Properties   inetcpl.cpl
  Internet Setup Wizard   inetwiz
  IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)   ipconfig /flushdns
  IP Configuration (Display DHCP Class ID)   ipconfig /showclassid
  IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)   ipconfig /displaydns
  IP Configuration (Display IP Configuration)   ipconfig /all
  IP Configuration (Modifies DHCP Class ID)   ipconfig /setclassid
  IP Configuration (Release All IP)   ipconfig /release
  IP Configuration (Renew IP)   ipconfig /renew
  IP Security Monitor   ipsecmon.exe
  iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tool   iscsicpl
  Java Control Panel   javaws
  Java Control Panel   jpicpl32.cpl
  Joystick Properties   joy.cpl
  Keyboard Properties   control keyboard
  Keyboard Properties control   keyboard
  Language Pack Installer   lpksetup
  license compliance guide   lcwiz.exe
  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - LDP   ldp.exe
  Local Security Policy   secpol.msc
  Local Users and Groups   lusrmgr.msc
  Location Activity   locationnotifications
  Logoff form Windows   logoff
  Malicious Software Removal Tool   mrt
  Manage Your File Encryption System   rekeywiz
  Management Terminal Services Manager   tsadmin.exe
  Management Wizard   wizmgr.exe
  Math Input Panel   mip
  Microsoft Access   msaccess
  Microsoft Chat   winchat
  Microsoft Excel   excel
  Microsoft Frontpage   frontpg
  Microsoft Mail Post Office   wgpocpl.cpl
  Microsoft Management Console   mmc
  Microsoft Movie Maker   moviemk
  Microsoft Outlook   outlook
  Microsoft Paint   mspaint
  Microsoft Picture Manager   ois
  Microsoft Powerpoint   powerpnt
  Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool   msdt
  Microsoft Syncronization Tool   mobsync
  Microsoft Word   winword
  Minesweeper Game   winmine
  Mouse Properties   control mouse
  Mouse Properties   main.cpl
  MS DOS Editor
  My Documents   userinit.exe
  Narrator Settings   narrator
  Nero   nero
  Netmeeting   conf
  Network Access Protection Client Configuration - NAP   napclcfg.msc
  Network and Dialup Connection   rasphone.exe
  Network Command Shell   netsh.exe
  Network Connections   control netconnections
  Network Connections control   netconnections
  Network Properties   ncpa.cpl
  Network Setup Wizard   netsetup.cpl
  New Scan Wizard   wiaacmgr
  Notepad   notepad
  nslookup APP   nslookup.exe
  NTDS   ntdsutil.exe
  Nview Desktop Manager   nvtuicpl.cpl
  Object Packager   packager
  ODBC Data Source Administrator   odbcad.exe
  ODBC Data Source Administrator   odbcad32
  ODBC Data Source Administrator   odbccp32.cpl
  ODBC Driver Configuration   odbcconf
  On Screen Keyboard   osk
  Opens AC3 Filter   ac3filter.cpl
  Outlook Express   msimn
  Pen and Touch   tabletpc.cpl
  People Near Me   collab.cpl
  Performance Monitor   perfmon
  Performance Monitor   perfmon.msc
  Performance Options   systempropertiesperformance
  Phone and Modem Options   telephon.cpl
  Phone Dialer   dialer
  Pinball Game   pinball
  PKI management   pkiview.msc
  Power Options   powercfg.cpl
  Presentation Settings   presentationsettings
  Print Management   printmanagement.msc
  Printer Migration   printbrmui
  Printer User Interface   printui
  Printers and Faxes   control printers
  Private Character Editor   eudcedit
  Problem Steps Recorder   psr
  Program Manager   progman.exe
  Protected Content Migration   dpapimig
  Quicktime   quicktime.cpl
  Quicktime Player   quicktimeplayer
  Real Player   realplay
  Regional Settings   intl.cpl
  Register DLL files   regsvr.exe
  Registry Editor   regedit
  Remote Access Management   rasadmin.exe
  Remote App Manager   remoteprograms.msc
  Remote Automation Connection Manager   racmgr.exe
  Remote Desktop Connection   mstsc
  Remote Desktop Connection Manager   sbmgr.msc
  Remote Desktop Console   tsmmc.msc
  Remote Desktop Gateway Manager   tsgateway.msc
  Remote Desktop Services Manager   tsadmin.msc
  Remote Desktops Session Host Configuration   tsconfig.msc
  Remote Registry Service   regsvc.exe
  Removable Storage   ntmsmgr.msc
  Removable Storage Operator Requests   ntmsoprq.msc
  Resource Monitor   resmon
  Resultant set of Policy - Group Policy   rsop.msc
  Routing and Remote Access   rrasmgmt.msc
  run DOS
  Scanners and Cameras   sticpl.cpl
  Scheduled Tasks   control schedtasks
  Scheduled Tasks control   chedtasks
  Scheduled Tasks control   schedtasks
  Schema Management   schmmgmt.msc
  scrapbook Viewer   clipbrd.exe
  Screen Resolution   desk.cpl
  Securing the Windows Account Database   syskey
  Security Scanning   chkdsk.exe
  Server Manager   ServerManager.msc
  Server Manager   srvmgr.exe
  Services Console   services.msc
  Services for Network File System   nfsmgmt.msc
  Set Program Access and Computer Defaults   computerdefaults
  Share and Storage Management   StorageMgmt.msc
  Share Creation Wizard   shrpubw
  Share Management   fsmgmt.mscfile
  Show Windows Version   winver
  Shuts Down Windows   shutdown
  Snipping Tool   snippingtool
  Sort Utility   sort.exe
  Sound recorder   soundrecorder
  Sounds and Audio Properties   mmsys.cpl
  Spider Solitare Card Game   spider
  SQL Server Client Network Utility   cliconfg
  SQL Server Configuration Manager   SQLServerManager10.msc
  Sticky Notes   stikynot
  Storage Manager   storexpl.msc
  Symbolic Debugger   ntsd.exe
  System Configuration Editor   sysedit
  System Configuration Utility   msconfig
  System File Checker Utility (Purge File Cache)   sfc /purgecache
  System File Checker Utility (Return to Default Setting)   sfc /revert
  System File Checker Utility (Scan Immediately)   sfc /scannow
  System File Checker Utility (Scan On Every Boot)   sfc /scanboot
  System File Checker Utility (Scan Once At Next Boot)   sfc /scanonce
  System Group Policy Editor   poledit.exe
  System Information   msinfo32
  System Information   winmsd.exe
  System Properties   sysdm.cpl
  System Properties (Advanced Tab)   systempropertiesadvanced
  System Properties (advanced tab)   systempropertiesadvanced.exe
  System Properties (Computer Name Tab)   systempropertiescomputername
  System Properties (Hardware Tab)   systempropertieshardware
  System Properties (Remote Tab)   systempropertiesremote
  System Properties (System Protection Tab)   systempropertiesprotection
  System Restore   rstrui
  System stand alone Optional Component Manager   sysocmgr.exe
  Task Manager   taskmgr
  Task Scheduler   taskschd.msc
  TCP Tester   tcptest
  Telephone service help   tcmsetup.exe
  Telephony Services   tapimgmt.msc
  Telnet   telnet
  Telnet Server Admin   tlntadmn.exe
  Terminal Services Configuration   tscc.msc
  Theme   themes.exe
  To install Windows Administration Tools   adminpak.msi
  TPM Management   Console tpm.msc
  True Type Characters and procedures   eudcedit.exe
  Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management   tpm.msc
  TS Configuration   tsconfig
  Tweak UI   tweakui
  User Account Control Settings - UAC   useraccountcontrolsettings
  User Account Management   nusrmgr.cpl
  User Accounts   netplwiz.exe
  Volume Mixer   sndvol
  Windows Action Center   wscui.cpl
  Windows Activation Client   slui
  Windows Address Book   wab
  Windows Address Book Import Utility   wabmig
  Windows Anytime Upgrade Results   windowsanytimeupgraderesults
  Windows Backup and Restore   sdclt
  Windows Backup Utility   ntbackup
  Windows CardSpace   infocardcpl.cpl
  Windows Deployment Services   WdsMgmt.msc
  Windows Disc Image Burning Tool   isoburn
  Windows DOS
  Windows DVD Maker   dvdmaker
  Windows Easy Transfer   migwiz
  Windows Explorer   explorer
  Windows Fax and Scan   wfs
  Windows Features   optionalfeatures
  Windows Firewall   firewall.cpl
  Windows Firewall with Advanced Security   wf.msc
  Windows Getting Started Iface   gettingstarted
  Windows Internet Name Service  - WINS   winsmgmt.msc
  Windows Journal   journal
  Windows Magnifier   magnify
  Windows Management Infrastructure - WMI   wmimgmt.msc
  Windows Management Instrumentation - WMIC   wmic
  Windows Media Player   wmplayer
  Windows Memory Diagnostic Scheduler   mdsched
  Windows Messaging   mlcfg32.cpl
  Windows Messenger   msmsgs
  Windows Mobility Center    mblctr
  Windows PowerShell   powershell
  Windows PowerShell ISE   powershell_ise
  Windows Remote Assistance   msra
  Windows Repair Disc   recdisc
  Windows Report Tool   winrep.exe
  Windows Script Host   wscript
  Windows Server Backup   wbadmin
  Windows Server Backup   wbadmin.msc
  Windows Update   wuapp
  Windows Update Launches   wupdmgr
  Windows Update Standalone Installer   wusa
  Wireless Link File Transfer Application   irftp.exe
  Wordpad   write
  XPS Viewer   xpsrchvw
  To Open User Profiles   %allusersprofiles%
  To Open  Application Data Folder   %appdata%
  To Open Common Program Files Folder   %commonprogramfiles%
  To Open Home Folder / Drive   %homedrive%
  To Display Log on Server    %logonserver%
  To Open Tempraray Folder   %temp%
  To Open User Profile   %userprofile%
  To Open Widows Directory   %windir%







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