Failed With Error Code '0x80070526 The Specified Group Already Exists.

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I am getting "failed with error code '0x80070526 The specified group already exists." Warning in Windows Server 2016 Application Logs. Please help.


Event Logs Details.

Log Name:     Application

Source:       Group Policy Local Users and Groups

Date:         6/2/2018 3:27:37 PM

Event ID:     4098

Task Category: (2)

Level:         Warning

Keywords:     Classic

User:         SYSTEM

Computer:     SERV1.ABC.COM


The computer 'SQLAdmin' preference item in the 'Management Policy {G22AB8A9-548-4DB8-A7BF-28F39GE8932BA}' Group Policy Object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070526 The specified group already exists.' This error was suppressed.

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I did also faced the same issue. It happens when we create Groups using Group Policy. If we create Group and same time we enter same value in rename to field.

Please follow the below steps and make sure “Rename to” field is blank.

As per your Event Logs.

1. Open Group Policy Management console and open “'Management Policy” GPO.

2. Go to Computer Configuration > Preferences > Control Penal Settings > Local Users and Groups and

3. Select SQLAdmin Group and double click.

4. Remove SQLAdmin Value from “Rename to” field and make sure “Rename to field is blank .



Hope it helps