Roaming Profile In Active Directory

Kumar Ashvini | Tue, 03 Apr 2018 at 00:18 hours | Replies : 1 | Points : 100

Category : Active Directory

Hi Team,

IN my organisation I need to switch some user profile in roaming profile in 2008 active directory, please let me know if user will feel any issue in roaming profile like i.e user is unable to login in domain, please suggest how can can I solve user issue.  ???

Thanks ...

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Hi Kumar,

Below are some disadvantages of Roaming user profile.

  • Slow Logon- Whenever user will login his profile gets downloaded from roaming profile server. This could slow down the login process, especially at first time logon. It may cause the network bottleneck as well in work/shift start time.
  • Large storage requirement - Large storage will require to store users profile data.
  • Single point of failure: As users roaming profile shares common shared location, so it could lead single point of failure

In roaming profile, usually user face permission and slow login related issues. Which can be addressed by better planning and adequate network speed. you can also think about selected folder redirection or home folder option instead of redirecting entire profile. it will sort lots of profile login related issues.

Hope it will help you.