Client IP Is Not Added In Familiar IP In ADFS 4.0

Rengarajan | Mon, 04 May 2020 at 13:54 hours | Replies : 0 | Points : 100

Category : ADFS

Did anyone manage to resolve the issue?

We have 3 ADFS Server and 3 ADFS Proxy server ,

With external and internal LB using the netscaller SSL_Bridge load balancing solution,

Not enabled the ESL since it is shows the netscaller IP as a familiar IP instead of client IP.

My network guys said the SSL_Bridge will not forward the client IP and need the below changes .

1.Move the servers onto a VLAN that is directly connected to the netscaller, and make the netscaller the default gateway.
2. have the netscaller decrypt the traffic if ADFS is actually http traffic, and insert the real client IP into the X-forwarded-for Header.

Both options represent a huge infrastructure change for me

Please let me know any update on this.

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