Start Menu Not Working

Ajai Gupta | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 at 13:51 hours | Replies : 1 | Points : 100

Category : Windows Server 2016

Start menu is not working 

Machine : WS2016 (Virtual)


We have performed the below steps but still issue is there.


  1. Tried to run SFC /Scan now completed with no error
  2. System File Checker : chkdsk C: /f
  3. Created new Local admin account and check still is existed
  4. Killed the windows Explorer.exe service and ran it again but issue persist
  5. Took the registry backup and tried to make the few registry changes related to WPNServices which was reverted when issue persist.
  6. Renamed UsrClass.dat from the user profile issue not resolved.
  7. Uninstalled Recently installed updates:
    MS21-JAN: Security update for Secure Boot DBX - Windows Server 2016 - KB4535680 (x64)
    MS21-JAN: Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 - Windows Server 2016 - KB4598243 (x64)
  8. Tried to repair corrupt or missing Windows system files with SFC / Scan now in Advanced troubleshooting mode with no luck.
  9. Tried to Make changes in Group Policy but issue persist. So, Reverted the changes.
  10. We checked server in safe mode that start menu click is working.
  11. Non MS component services enabled disabled and server restarted but issue not resolved
  12. Uninstalled Antivirus 
  13. Remove machine from domain but no luck.


Dear Experts,

Kindly suggest what action need to perform from our end so that we can fix this issue.

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seems to be group policy issue, please remove server from domain and then check. this is just to isolate if there is any issue in OS Image.

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